October 5th, cont’d (see part 1)

Back at OKW, Kyle and Cassi went for a swim, my mom and I hung out in our room and the girls played for about an hour, when we put them down in hopes that they’d nap. It was pretty clear fairly quickly that naps in the room might not be an option….
Just before dinner time, we took the Bus to the Magic Kingdom and hopped on the monorail to the Polynesian where we found a LONG check-in line (as usual). Once Kyle got to the front of the line to check in (while all 5 of us girls either shopped or slept ;)), we were seated right away. Dinner was spectacular (always one of our favorites!) but poor Avery was having a really rough time. She wasn’t really interested in eating and was VERY fussy, but dinner was enjoyable overall.
Let me just take a second to point out, if you hadn’t noticed already, how freaking cute the girls’ dresses were on this particular day. When I saw them at Gymboree I HAD to have them, just for pictures at the Polynesian. Of course Elise and Avery don’t care about my plans most of the time, and were fairly uncooperative (eventually accredited in part to the massive blowout Avery experienced in the meantime (a ha!), but I’m not sure you needed to know that) … but we got a few cute ones!

After Kyle joined us, we all got on the monorail to the Magic Kingdom to get a spot for Spectromagic! Lisa and Cassi used fastpasses from earlier in the day to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad while Kyle, the girls and I grabbed our favorite seats. Despite being past their bedtime, the girls stayed awake for Spectromagic and were captivated by it!

Kyle and I decided that Wishes was going to be out of the question since they weren’t falling asleep, so we said goodbye to Mom & Cassi and called it a night.
The girls entertained the other couples on the bus with us by kissing all over one another, playing peekabo with other guests, etc and were exhausted by the time we finally made it back to the room! Elise fell asleep immediately, but Avery was over-tired and had a really hard time getting to sleep without me being nearby. Still, we were all asleep by 10 and slept super soundly – without so much as a cough – until 5am the next day!

See the WDW Picasa Photo Album (continued from before) for all of the Day 2 pictures – don’t forget my disclaimer about these entries! 🙂