Elephants, Aliens and Pirates, oh my!

Monday, October 5th

At about 6:25, Avery was up playing/watching her crib rainforest (score!), very content. Both girls had slept well (double score!) despite coughing in stereo, which meant I didn’t sleep. I’d take it though because – despite appearances – I’m less prone to a meltdown than my 15-month-olds! 🙂 Eventually, I snuck over to peek at her and my heart melted watching her hug and sway with her musical glow worm and rainforest (never mind that the songs were very obviously clashing :)).
Once the other two were up, Kyle took the girls for a walk to get some coffee/diet coke while I unpacked and settled in a bit more. As a side note, I’m sure it was during this time that I heard it would once again be hitting record highs in the mid-90’s. I’m also sure I wasn’t thrilled about it. But I digress…
It was pretty difficult to get “settled in”, per se because – as mentioned – there was very little storage space in the room, but it was nice to at least have access to all of our stuff. Eventually we were ready to start our day, after Elise put on some sunscreen 🙂
The girls were adorable on the bus again (though not quite cute enough to keep me from wishing we had a car as we waited 10 minutes then cruised around the rest of the resort for 5-10 more before heading to our destination). There were constant “Whee!”s, dancing to the Magic Kingdom music, pointing out Snow White and Mickey Mouse on the ads, etc. They were, as we would hear several times throughout the remainder of the trip, “an attraction of their own”! 😉
Despite riding the busses, we got there just in time to see the opening (my favorite!) and check out our brick. Can I just tell you how frustrating it is that ours is the worst looking out of any we saw, and it’s only 2 years old? Unacceptable, for the premium we paid. No, I can’t tell you? Sorry, too late 🙂
First stop once inside was Fantasyland, to ride Dumbo before the line was too out of control. Thankfully it was just 10 minutes, because it was the hottest 10 minutes of my life, I’m pretty sure! We then walked on the carousel (which the girls ADORED), and rode It’s a Small World (with the girls dancing like maniacs throughout), The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Snow White’s Scary Adventures & Peter Pan’s Flight (with a fastpass).

Before we knew it, it was 10:30 and the girls were in desperate need of a nap! (Oops!) Kyle walked around with them while my mom, Cassi and I walked onto the Haunted Mansion. You know, I just don’t love this ride. Still, anything is worth riding when it’s a walk-on! 🙂 Next Kyle, Lisa and Cassi rode Splash Mountain (~20 minute wait) while the girls and I waited in a nearby shop. There were rocking chairs and air-conditioning, so it was a nice break!
Since the girls had napped late, we opted to change our plans a bit. Instead of rushing home after lunch (for a nap), we’d stay in the park just a bit longer and go back to the room just for an afternoon break. So next stop was Casey’s for lunch, where I was very pleasantly surprised! Kyle got the staple hot dog (with all the crap on it that grosses me out), us girls all got corn dog nuggets. Between that, large fries all around (without any argument) and gourmet brownies, we were all stuffed, making it a much better deal than I had anticipated. We saved plenty of food for the girls who ate just a bit after us (when they finally woke up!)
As we headed from Main Street to Adventureland, we ran into Lilo & Stitch! I wasn’t sure if we should start on a bit more familiar character with the girls at this age, but we decided to give it a shot. They were hesitant at first, but warmed up very quickly – giving fives, kisses, etc. Lilo noticed that their dresses matched hers, too, so we told her we were headed to dinner in Polynesia later!

In Adventureland, we walked into the Tiki Room with perfect timing. The girls enjoyed dancing and clapping and weren’t at all scared of the storm! We also rode Pirates (~10-15 minute wait) and stopped on the way out of the Magic Kingdom for the girls’ first Dole Whip Floats!

What a fun, productive morning! 🙂