Seventeen Months!

I’m not sure what to update these days, because the girls continue to change and grow at a rapid pace!

Every day they learn new words (that I don’t set out to teach them, but instead they pick up from books or from listening to me (ie “drink”, “blankie”, etc). Avery picks up new signs very quickly (usually the first time she sees them, even without much consistency on my part) and Elise speaks new words equally quickly.
They continue to love climbing all over the furniture, and have recently taken to pushing around an overturned basket to use as a stepstool to get to things they shouldn’t (ie higher kitchen drawers, etc).
They LOVE going bye-bye and – every day – will bring me shoes, socks, jackets and the like to put on. When I do, they run to the door eager to go somewhere, even if we aren’t. Makes for some letdowns on occasion! πŸ™‚ Speaking of clothing, they very often insist on getting themselves dressed as much as possible, even if it means trying to put both arms in the same jacket sleeve or putting a shirt sleeve on their foot πŸ˜›
We have the potty chairs out (separate entries to follow on all sorts of potty-related stuff!) and – most days – they love sitting on them. They are really just learning the process and we aren’t taking any training seriously until after the holidays. Still pretty cute though, and I have the pictures to prove it. Someday, whenever I can get caught up.
Most of my time these days, though, is spent breaking up fights. I’ll have (yet) another entry on that, our failed attempts at bringing up a Christmas toy that would encourage cooperative play, etc on another day as well, but just trust me – they have the most dramatic love/hate relationship I’ve ever seen, and most of the time are downright evil toward one another. I’m really looking forward to this phase passing us. You know, until the next time it happens (and then 2390483 more times while they live in the same household).
They are still very sweet at heart though, and love to give kisses and hugs. You know, except when they would rather practice their favorite word, “No!” (complete with serious head-shaking action). But they are saying “I love you” on occasion, cuddling with me for no apparent reason… it sometimes makes up for the rest of the drama πŸ˜‰
The biggest update (that was going to be its own entry until I realized I just can’t get on top of this thing) is not as fun. Elise’s asthma diagnosis is confirmed this year (even though she’s still young), and we’ve had a rough couple of weeks with it. She got a chest xray last week to rule out pneumonia, went through a round of steroids, and is still needing her breathing treatments fairly frequently. She and Avery both just started yesterday with another round of snotty noses though, so hopefully it’s just related to a short-lived upper respiratory infection this time. The steroids did help tremendously, in that she isn’t retracting and having as much trouble breathing as she did a week ago. She has become a pro at her treatments though, and it’s so cute to watch her breathe in and out the biggest breaths she can when her mask is on. πŸ™‚
I’d like to say that about sums it up, but truthfully it doesn’t. There is no putting into words, really, how much my toddlers are up to these days! We’re really looking forward to the holidays (other than the whole preventing them from tearing down the Christmas tree thing). They’re at such a fun age, when they aren’t total meanies!
(And as a heads up, I think The Onesies are getting retired after today! They made it to 17 months in a 12-month onesies, but they’re getting too tall! 12 Month shirts and pants still fit perfectly, but any onesies look a little goofy stretched over their round bellies!) πŸ™‚
I took a few days “off” from household chores, etc over my birthday weekend and it’s remarkable how behind I feel on everything. Still, I will try and get you more video and pictures as quickly as I can! Take care! πŸ™‚