It’s that time again….

Nope, not time for potty talk 🙂 Time to change the cribs, to the last possible stop before Toddler Beds. Oh my gosh, I’m so not ready for Toddler Beds.

The other day – THANKFULLY while both Kyle and I were in the room – Elise demonstrated to us how she could pretty easily climb over the side of her crib. Apparently we weren’t getting her out fast enough. 10 minutes later, Kyle was back from the basement with tools, and the girls and I were playing with mattresses —

Today, Avery (my non-climber, mind you) demonstrated that their little legs can still stretch up to the “shelf” Elise had previously used to climb… so I’m guessing it will just be another inch of height or a very desperate, determined moment before they can climb out, even on this last “level”. Here’s hoping they forget to even try, at least for another few months!


  1. yikes! On that line of thought though….I saw cute Disney Princess toddler beds at Walmart. Now I just need to save money to buy 2 and 2 mattresses.