Some other stuff we’ve been up to…

I know I’ve apologized already for my inconsistency in posting, so perhaps these videos will provide a little support. We’re just having too much (busy, busy) fun to spend much time online!

The girls love climbing up and down “sairs”. They’ve obviously been going up for months (as you have seen in previous posts), and they learned to go down probably about 6-8 weeks ago. This video is rather old, and these days they don’t even really stop on each step. Instead, they sort of slide down at lightning speed. Nevertheless, here you go —
It’s a good thing they’re good at it now, because this scene is not all that uncommon —
We also spend lots of time talking about body parts. And being distracted by video cameras.
Sometimes, we even play (and dance to!) fake harmonicas! The girls learned to play a real harmonica (and by “learned” and “play”, I mean they were introduced to one and know how to blow like maniacs to make noises), and came up with this little game o’ make-believe all on their own! 🙂
And you know, sometimes we just sit around and answer some of life’s most important questions —