Holiday Spirit in Full Swing!

This Christmas Season is in full swing! The girls still adore Christmas music as much as their mama (and especially love to sing “Fa la la la la”!). We have a few pairs of Christmas PJs, though not nearly as many as last year – they just stop making holiday stuff after baby sizes! My current favorite was a very sweet gift from a friend of mine. They are the softest, most adorable Hanna Andersson rompers with various holiday greetings from around the world – including Merry Christmas with pine trees (or fir? spruce? you get the picture), Feliz Navidad with decorated cacti, and Mele Kalikimaka under the sweetest little palm trees! Look how cute —

We have also started reading lots of Christmas/Winter stories at bedtime (in a specific, well-thought-out order of course!) —

… and you know the house has been decorated for a little while, anyway! I barely got everything up before Thanksgiving (which is about a week late for me!), and by “everything” I mean about 1/3 – 1/2 of the stuff I usually do… but it’s pretty nonetheless (except the ultra-bare banisters), and makes our home feel ready for my favorite holiday season! The girls have done a really nice job with the Christmas tree, too. There are about 10-15 minutes of every day that they look and want desperately to touch (and sometimes do, if I’m too slow), most of the time they just stand back and “ooh” at it, or ignore it entirely.
We skipped the Princess tree this year because, while they would have loved it (and I wouldn’t have minded they touch all over that one), I thought it would be too confusing to separate the various rules we’d create for various trees. They do get some special Winnie the Pooh & Mickey lights in their room though, that they find thrilling! 🙂
(Don’t worry – we moved the cribs over some so they can’t reach them, and we don’t let them play with the outlets ;))
This month is a bit different for us than last year, in that Kyle’s schedule isn’t going to allow for many holiday-related activities… but we have a few planned, and the best news of all is that he is miraculously off on Christmas Day!
If you know me in real life, you know that it is always my goal to have shopping, wrapping, etc done by around Thanksgiving at the latest. This is for no reason other than to ENJOY the holidays with my family and friends. There will always be a few straggler gifts, a few extra things that need done around the house… but now we can really focus on the reason for the Advent season in Jesus’ birth, and truly relax (as much as possible in this crazy busy world!) and cherish one another’s company.
I hope you can find the same time to slow down, simplify, whatever is necessary (and believe me, that whole “simplify” thing is something I struggle with immensely!) to maintain (or even shift) your focus this year, to the things that matter most.


  1. They’re so cute with their lights! I’m so glad they have that Hot Dog song, because they both love it so much. 🙂

  2. That they do….