Where does the time go?! I remember lamenting when the girls turned 1, at how quickly the first year of their little lives had flown by. Um, how the heck was that already 6 months ago?!

I love this age. We have fun, the girls are INCREDIBLY entertaining, and they blow my mind on a daily basis at how much they know. I just wish they’d slow down a little, you know?
For fear of getting all blue on ya’, I’m going to leave it at that. We aren’t doing an 18-month doctors appointment (no need, really, since there aren’t any concerns (or immunizations)), but we will be going in for a weight check when Kyle is working at the girls’ Peds office next month (just as an elective, calm down – no job taken anywhere yet!)… so I’ll give you an update on stats then. Otherwise, suffice it to say that I think they’re sort of brilliant, and as cute as ever! And I think they’re growing too quickly.
A Happy 17th birthday to Aunt Cassi, too! (Sheesh, where did those years go?!) We love you!