‘Twas the Weekend Before Christmas…

… and boy, was it a busy one! On Friday night, we played host to the first (dessert) stop for the LHBC youth group’s regressive dinner. Despite my chocolate fountain pooping out on me after about 3 minutes and having to instead do fondue with meat skewers, it was a lot of fun – and as far as I know, nobody was injured with the sharp wooden stakes. 🙂

On Saturday, we made a long trek to Hebron, KY to hang out with Kyle’s med-peds colleagues for the program’s Christmas party. The girls and I had never gone, and it was a nice event. Elise and Avery found lots of fun toys to play with, and LOVED Ms. Linda’s dog (affectionately dubbed “Thea”, though her name is actually Anna). Avery was a little shy, but for the most part they were very well-behaved, gracious little guests.
They loved showing off their pretty dresses (that were originally intended for the Christmas Eve Eve service at church) —
listening to grownups having conversations —
and playing with their new toys. Avery ADORED this little stuffed bunny, and hardly let it out of her sight!
There were even kisses and hugs for uncles Sapan & JT!
Then this morning was a bit of a hectic one! I am part of the Christmas Choir at our church. We got there at 7:40 for a runthrough of the service, which meant the girls had to go to Nana & Pappy’s super early. They’re napping now, though, giving me a bit of time to catch my breath.
Can you believe Christmas is just 5 days away!? With Kyle’s rough schedule this month, I must admit I’m having a hard time getting in the Christmas spirit. I spoke with a few people this morning (and with Kyle just last night) and realized that I am so greatly affected by lack of traditional events. The traditions my family has (and my smaller, immediate family has been making for the last 5 years) are so important to me. Without them, I’m just sort of in this funk lately. I’m so incredibly thankful that Kyle is off on Christmas Day though, so I know it will be great! We have a few fun activities planned in the coming days, too, so perhaps it will begin to feel more and more like Christmas this week. Stay tuned!


  1. I know what you mean about traditions. Most of ours have been turned upside down this year (surgery 2 weeks ago). It’s not as much fun to do them without a family member around.

    Enjoy your Christmas day with Kyle home!