Great Wolf Lodge Show ("Show! Show! Show! Show!")

As Elise has been reminding me all morning (even though we just left there not much more than an hour ago), we did, in fact, see a “show” this morning. But let me rewind…

Last year as you may recall, we partied at the Great Wolf Lodge for Cassi’s 16th Birthday. A friend in the WCMOTC works there and made it all possible then, and reminded me this year that there are lots of activities free and open to the public during the holiday season. While much of it would have left me pulling my hair out with two one-year-olds, I did want to take the girls to see the decorations and the adorable lobby show.
We arrived about 35 minutes before the show, and Elise and Avery LOVED running around finding all of the bears. If you have seen my children lately, you know they adore bears – so this was just the coolest place I could have ever taken them on this particular morning 🙂
They ran around kissing various animal statues (germs, anyone?)…

… sat for 0.00023 seconds while I attempted to get this picture again – one that perhaps we’ll try each year, so long as we’re in the area? – and just generally enjoyed running around looking at the beautiful lobby. (Seriously. Look back at the previously linked entry from last year’s Lodge visit. Any bets on when that picture in the chair will actually turn out? :))

They even sat and played a bit of checkers!
We met Rudolph again, though Avery and Elise were most excited by him when he was a safe 1.5 feet away. (I must admit, he did look a bit shabbier than when we ran into him last – must be the Christmas rush getting him down!)
At 10:00, the audio-animatronics show began. It was very cute, though my Christmas Cheer was put to the test as adult after adult plopped themselves (and their big heads) DIRECTLY in front of my girls. I guess they assumed they’re “just” toddlers, and wouldn’t care? (read: forgot that their 9 year old probably enjoyed such a show MUCH more when they were 1-2 than they do now, and would rather be in the waterpark). But I digress…
The girls really liked the show, and especially loved the snow at the end.
What a wonderful, free holiday event!
If only the part the girls really wanted (“Water? water?”) to do were free…
I think another overnight stay is in our future!


  1. I love how Elise in the posed picture, Elise is doing pretty much the exact same thing she did last year. 🙂 Avery’s a little happier though. 😉 Avery’s face from last year cracks me up – poor kid seemed pretty upset to have to sit in that chair. It’s still adorably hilarious though. 🙂