Christmas 2009

I’m not going to lie, it was a little bit of a rough Christmas. Not rough as some people can relate, with true sorrow and pain. Just kinda hard.
As you may have read, Elise struggled with a somewhat nasty asthma exacerbation the first part of the week. The second was wrought with steroid side effects (namely puking, at totally random times). Last night she threw up multiple times when we didn’t give Zofran (“knowing” she was done for the night after the first since she had only thrown up 3 times over 2.5 days, never with any consistency). Cleanup of said issues led to 2 wide-awake babies playing with us in their room at 1am. And then, of course, screaming and sobbing babies at 2am for upwards of an hour. I think it was at that point that I realized the whole rest of the day was going to be anything but traditional. Or perhaps it was throughout the rest of the night, when I sat awake in my bed because of the pouring rain and howling winds (ALL night). Even during the ~1 hour 45 minutes sleep I got (broken up in dozes), I think I dreamt three times that Elise was throwing up. And then you know I went in to make sure everything was alright, and came back to be welcomed by more insomnia.
Yeah, it didn’t really start out very pretty. Then at 6, the alarm went off and my favorite version of Silent Night (by Selah) had just started. I listened to it, realized I was wasting my time trying to grasp at a few more moments sleep, and found some energy to get up and see what the day would end up looking like after such a rough beginning. I knew anyway, that as great as family traditions are (which, for OCD folks like myself, include matching PJs and perfect timing)… even that isn’t what we were really celebrating.
The rest of the morning went as “normally” as possible (including Avery peeing out her PJs – which made sense, considering I had taken advantage of my insomnia and washed Elise’s in the middle of the night so they could still match). I spoke with my mom around 8am and heard their power had gone out a few hours earlier and was still out. Plans were discussed, we thought we might be hosting breakfast last minute (entire extended family). It continued to be a weird morning. The rest of the day was somewhat thrown off by a late start when the electricity finally came on at the Lawless’. Afternoon naps were wonky, girls were wheezing and whiney, our “small family dinner” that I cherish turned into a larger Christmas party – and then back to a “small family dinner”. Of course, the second change happened only AFTER cooking 8 pounds of roast to include extra guests. (Anyone hungry? :))
It’s a good thing I had gone through a major pity party earlier in the week, and then had an awesome revelation/reminder of the important Christmas “stuff” in the form of a somewhat lonely but amazing Christmas Eve Eve worship service. Despite matching PJs being soiled (multiple times) (we’re batting 1.000), virtually no sleep, VERY little “normal looking” tradition… it was ok. Frustrating, very much so at times. But – at the risk of sounding cliche – we had one another, and we are so blessed. God is still God, and he is still so good. And after all, that truth is pretty much the foundation of Christmas.
I hope yours was a blessed one. Details and pictures to come, of what turned out – as I’m sure you already imagined – to be a perfectly fine Christmas. Picture perfect? Nah. But blessed.


  1. This must be the year for derailed Christmasses. We had a rough one here, too. (I hate Aspergers. Enough on that one)

    What’s important is that we have our families, even if our traditions got monkeyed with.

  2. Suzanne, you are so right! At least we have our families and children safe and (relatively) healthy šŸ™‚ Give them all a squeeze and celebrate them today, too! šŸ™‚