Christmas Highlights

  • FOOD. We had yummy dinners on Christmas Eve (chicken cordon bleu, butter noodles, crescent rolls & almond pound cake with strawberry rhubarb spread) and Christmas (roast, mashed potatoes, cinnamon-brown sugar glazed carrots, pineapple slices, & sweet rolls). Christmas morning was our traditional (extended) family breakfast, at which I ate enough for 3 or 4 mornings. At least. Throw in cheese balls, meats, crackers, candy, cookies, etc throughout the day and I’m still stuffed! In fact, that’s the sole reason this came first on my list, not because it was the most important 😉
  • Visiting with family. The extended Lawless family was together on Christmas morning, and Grandma Bradford and my immediate family spent the afternoon/evening together. We exchanged gifts and were entertained by the girls until it was their bedtime. Then we checked out Toy Story Mania (for the Wii) and hung out a little while longer before we all were ready to crash! (Of course, that didn’t mean we’d get to sleep any, but this is a highlight reel so you’re going to miss the lowlights!)
  • Exchanging gifts. The girls were SO much fun to watch with their gifts. From the first present, Avery was a master gift opener. She’d rip off the paper like it was her job and immediately toss it behind her. Elise on the other hand was more cautious, ripping tiny pieces off and checking them out before quickly asking for help. She eventually got the hang of it, and by the end of the evening both girls were having a blast tearing into all of their gifts. I’m pleased to say that other than finding Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head terrifying (?), the girls are absolutely adoring all of their gifts! I’d say the favorites this morning have been playing pretend with the dolls (and anything else they can find) with their new stroller and highchair, etc, the Melissa & Doug deluxe band set and the Leap Frog Fridge Phonics toy (that we were finally able to have out with the installation of a magnet board). They have gotten into plenty of the rest, but those have certainly taken up the most time this morning. Well, that and clinging to me, fighting and crying, given the fact that they’re sick. But again, highlights only!

Stay tuned for a picture post. Sorry this is a bit disjointed, but as you might understand, “Christmas Weekend” has continued to be less than ideal around the Kaufman household. Plenty of enjoyment, though, as you’ll soon see! 🙂