As mentioned, during the horrendous weekend we had recently our recent Potty Party, we at least got to spend lots of time playing hard with the girls… considering we were all glued downstairs (and, when possible, near the bathroom)! 🙂

Have some pictures/video, from the last couple of weeks. More in Picasa, as always!

Demonstrating some of their music toys. Not featured (yet): The recorder & the castanets, among others. Hopefully soon, they’re hysterical.

Playing with their current favorite toys (puzzles, mostly) and showing off a little. Please note that the bibs are an added accessory requested by my children, unrelated to any mealtimes. I have weird girls.

“Bowling”, used loosely. Elise is determined that there is no other way to knock down the pins!

Playing with Duplos. Like with puzzles, poor Elise just gets so frustrated. Avery is much more patient, but they both certainly enjoy all their new varieties of blocks!