19 months!

Yep, we’re on the downhill slope to the big 2nd birthday…crazy! Just a quick post today, because we actually just got back from a whirlwind, last-minute, 2-day trip to Gatlinburg!

Here are a few things the girls are up to these days —
  • Looking for everyone they know. In addition to asking (3940283 times each day), “Cassi go? Pappy go? Nana go? Grandpa go? (etc etc etc)”, they will now call out for them “Aaaaappyyyyy”. This morning, we had a new [hilarious] addition: “Ceeeereaaal… ceeereaaaal… woot (whistle) woot (whistle) woot (whistle)”. I don’t think Elise understood when I explained to her that, unlike Thea, her cereal cup will not come when called. 🙂
  • Mimicking, mimicking, mimicking. They’ve been up to this a long time, but it gets more hysterical every day. Every sigh, every noise, every cough, every word, they repeat – especially Avery.
  • Speaking of Avery, what I thought was “the throes of terrible twos” – which may still well be, at least in part – is actually more likely related to pediatric insomnia. Every night, generally from about 2am-4am, she is awake in her crib. Sometimes she’s crying, half asleep, many times she’s just playing and telling herself stories. It makes me sad, especially when it is so VERY clear during the day (when she is so prone to meltdowns and has gone from my super smiley, super friendly, super easy-going child to a blubbering mess all the freaking time). Unfortunately, there isn’t much they’ll check out until she’s 2. I pray we aren’t still dealing with this 5 months from now!
  • Two word phrases: The first was “Elmo eat” when Elmo needed to get into his highchair when it was time for breakfast. Now, they come with more frequency: “Cereal (etc) please”, “Cassi go? (as mentioned, meaning “Where did Cassi go?”), “Carry you(me)?”, “Dada hug”, etc
  • Elmo. And Curious George.
  • Sharing – very often, one girl will take both cups of water (for example) and carry one to the other, “Sissy, sissy…”
  • Not sharing – they fight like mad, worse with each passing day. They are very much in the toddler “mine” days, and this mama is not impressed.
I wish I could think of more, but that’s what I’ve got for you right now 🙂 As mentioned at some point around here, we did not take them into the Peds office for a well-child check, because there’s really nothing to do at the 18-month exam unless there are concerns. We did have them weighed though, and they’re both between 22.5 and 23 pounds (between the 10th and 20th percentile). Amazing that they’re still even remotely on the small side, because they eat like absolute piggies!
Some pictures and a mini-report from Gatlinburg, hopefully soon! Kim, Ayed and Abdullah are still in town a couple more days though, so we’ll be busy still for a little while longer. Oh, who am I kidding? We’re always busy. 🙂 I promise to update, though, as soon as I can!