Visiting Day

One day last week, the girls and I visited lots of family members in one day (hmm… a theme lately. You’ll see!)

We started out in the morning with the long drive to Grandpa Bradford’s house in Clermont County. Elise and Avery both fell asleep on the way home, which ordinarily I dislike. That day though, it was well worth it just to catch these adorable little bed-heads!
In the afternoon (after a quick bath!), they took a small nap at Nana’s house. Mostly they played in their pack n plays, which included Avery taking off her shirt, shoes, and socks, and taking the laces out of both shoes.
Later, it was time to watch Nana’s favorite Laurie Berkner DVD. They really enjoyed it!
Finally, it was time to meet Uncle Ayed, whom Kyle had not met either, and I had not seen since 1998(?). Avery was a bit more reserved (as she has been the last few weeks, when she’s been moodier all around), but Elise took to him more quickly than I’ve seen her warm up to anyone in ages!
What a fun day!


  1. Love the crazy “just woke up” hair pictures!