Snow Days

Yes, even stay-at-home-moms have snow days. And, from what I’ve seen, we hate them as much as moms whose kiddos are unexpectedly home from school. Stroller Fit classes, playdates, errands, etc canceled… cabin fever ensues…

… but cute girls get bundled up and get to check out the snow for just the second time in their young lives!

Kyle took Avery and Elise for a spin last weekend in the sled they got from Great Grandma Marie & Great Grandpa Dick. Elise really loved it, for a little while. Until she did a (bare)face-plant into the cold snow. Avery was intrigued, but mostly hated being cold and didn’t last too long outside. I don’t blame her, really. They do still get excited when they see the sled in the garage though, so here’s hoping for a little bit warmer day while the snow is still around, to give it another shot! 🙂
Next year, “real” gloves and snow pants. Until then, I could be done with the snow (she types, as 6 more inches accumulate).

Thank you, Grandpa Dick and Grandma Marie!

More pictures in Picasa!