Twenty-One Months!

Maybe these monthly updates will stop someday…. at 2 years old, perhaps? But the girls change and grow and learn so much that I just want to capture the things that make us laugh day in and day out!

The things that make me most proud this month are what the girls are picking up and retaining without us even knowing. The other day in the car, Avery started counting down backwards: “Ten, nine, et, seben…” when we joined in, of course she stopped. But she still counts forward all the time: “One, two, ree!” and sometimes even “seben, et, nine, tiiiiin”! Elise is a little less clear on the order, usually sounding something like this: “one, two, ree, five, seben, nine, et, nine!”, but let me tell you, she has her song lyrics DOWN. This is really going to be lame without accompanying video, but until you can see it (fingers crossed!) hopefully this will at least jog my memory somewhere down the road šŸ™‚ Her favorite song (can you identify it?):
“Kinkle Kinkle il tah / ow ow ow what are / up a ba ba wurl .. HIGH / ike a yaya in SKY / Kinkle Kinkle il tah / up a ba ba wurl … HIGH….” (and so on. It’s hysterical).
They also ADORE their abcs, and “sing” them when they don’t think we’re paying attention. The most recent incarnation sounds something like this (in an almost correct rhythm): “A B C B E D / H J J [oh yo] P / [COO] S T B / [ets] Y Z!”
Hmm… yeah, that was worse than I thought. Sorry the first half of this entry was jibberish. I swear it means something to us, and hopefully a video will aide in transcription sometime soon! šŸ˜‰
Avery and Elise are also recognizing more and more letters, both identifying them when we ask and pointing them out on their own. The other day I was wearing a Miami University shirt (letters in all caps) and Elise successfully and out of the blue told me about all of the Ms, the R, and the E. Blew my mind!
The girls both really enjoy washing themselves – in and out of the bathtub. Often in the evenings they’ll take a wipe or a towel and wash all of their body parts, naming them as they go. They also wash (and feed, and sing to, and love on) their baby dolls and ADORE babies in general.
Avery – not surprising to anyone who knows her – is the first to figure out the appeal of picking out clothes. If I pull out two shirts, outfits, etc she takes one and says “Sissy shirt” and the other and says “Avery shirt”. She is adamant, too, once she makes her decision! šŸ˜›
We seriously need to get back on the potty training thing, as I’m so frustrated to have missed what I feel like was our ideal window. We’re working on it again some, trying to get the motivation to really get on it again before we get ourselves in a lovely mess.
Twenty-one months. TWENTY-ONE months. TWO! I find it funny (at least looking at our beautiful, smart, wonderful girls) that two is the age at which preemies are no longer “adjusted” for growth and development. We obviously haven’t really considered adjusted age after the first month or two, but somehow that seems to indicate that – even with micropreemies (much earlier than ours) – two years is supposed to be so much time that any catching up that needs to happen has happened. It’s such a short time, though, and it goes so quickly! I love, love, love the things the girls are doing these days (obviously, as I’ve rambled enough about even the little things)…. but sometimes I just can’t understand how my little 5lb, helpless newborns changed this much before I could blink.
Edit: Just a few days later, they’re both counting 1-10 correctly like they’ve been doing it all their lives….