The girls adore animals still – seeing them, talking about them, in cartoons, photographs or the real thing. They were so excited to go to the zoo again yesterday, after several months away… and I was so excited to have Kyle along with us!

We got there a few minutes after opening, and wow – the threat of rain (albeit not until MUCH later in the afternoon/evening) must have kept everyone away. Boy, did they miss out. We pretty much had the place to ourselves the entire 2+ hours we were there!
Some of the animals were not out due to expanding/refurbishing habitats, “cold” weather, etc but we saw quite a few. We started with elephants and monkeys, saw lots of bears (all of which were very active since they prefer the cool morning hours), bugs, nocturnal animals and more. We even saw some bizarre sites, such as the underside of two geckos. Weird…
At 10:00 during the colder months, there is a Penguin Parade that we just had to see. I’m so glad we did! A handful of the King penguins (who, by the way, are named BeBe, Don, Martin Luther, Kong and Burger… King – no joke!) came out and marched waddled by, hung out for a little while, and marched into an outdoor pen for a few hours. It was absolutely adorable, and very Mr. Popper-esque (which – if you knew me as a child – you KNOW made my day!).
We also saw lots of big cats (including FIVE tigers out at once, all very playful!), some fish, a few zebras and the like on our way out.
It’s [almost] springtime and the weather was perfect for animal-watching, so be sure to check out a few of the antics going on in this short video. It was a fun (and funny!) outing!
More pictures in Picasa as always, in a new March sub-album!