WCMOTC Spring Party

Once again, the twins club Spring Party was fantastic! This year though, Elise and Avery got a little more out of it šŸ˜‰

First stop, as it always will be when the option is there, was the coloring station.
Our friends Karen, Sidney & Sam also brought special Easter rubber duckies for the little attendees, which you KNOW my girls loved! In fact, Avery tried to take all of them instead of just one. I have no picture of this part, because I was busy trying to pry several ducks out of my little hoarder’s hands šŸ™‚
Next we saw the (quasi-scary-looking) Easter Bunny, which the girls weren’t thrilled about. Elise surprised me, considering how outgoing she was to characters in WDW. Yeah, I know you haven’t read about that yet. You will, and she was.

We made picture frames (pictured in Picasa) and got tattoos (which the girls were not too thrilled about, despite the fact that they were their favorite princesses).
Finally, it was time for the youngest round of egg hunts! The girls took a minute to “get it”, but once they got going they really loved it. Avery was especially into it, and I have to say she’s a girl after my own heart. Rather than grab the dozens that were lying around, she looked around carefully and went for the hardest ones (ie hiding in chairs, underneath a music stand, hidden behind objects, etc). After all, what is an Easter egg hunt without a little challenge, right? Throughout the rest of the afternoon (and into today), she wants to find eggs. It’s adorable, and makes me smile considering my mom and I had egg hunts throughout the year, all the time while I was growing up. It’s why I’m the master hunter I am today, you know!
Opening the eggs was just as exciting, which is impressive since they didn’t really recognize the candy they found inside!

Last stop was cookie decorating, which they thoroughly enjoyed. Both the decorating and the eating.
Once again, it was a fantastic party! This is one I’ll really look forward to for the next few years!