Deezy and Dicky V

Sunday, February 28th

Out of bed at about 6am, we all felt SO refreshed after a good night’s sleep! We got ready, and Elise and Avery ate some breakfast on their special table while watching Chuggington (which they really loved); we were out of the room around 8. We made a quick stop by the front desk to get this week’s times guide, and then it was off to Hollywood Studios!
It was the last day of ESPN the Weekend, so we were sure to get over that morning to check things out. In a different year, we would have loved to spend more time at this event… but this wasn’t the trip. We did really enjoy the themed Streemosphere performances and the very Sportscenter-esque opening (especially in place of the normal, quasi-boring DHS opening). When the park had opened, the girls and I tried to track down the characters that would ordinarily meet in place of the ESPN tW stage while Kyle made a dash for decent Toy Story Mania fastpasses. While we were waiting for him, we got to hang out a few minutes with Dicky V! Ok, so not just us. The whole park… but it was still pretty sweet!
It turns out that the “Sorcerer Hat Greetings” were actually taking place inside the animation studio, so we had to wait a few more minutes for Kyle to join us. The girls didn’t mind though, as they fell in love with a giant mural of their favorite Playhouse Disney characters!
Our main goal at the Sorcerer’s Hat in the Animation Courtyard was to find out when Daisy was meeting. I began to stop and say hello to Eeyore and Tigger when Kyle pointed a bit further ahead… to Donald and Daisy themselves! The girls were ecstatic, and Avery had a look of pure joy as she shouted for “Deezy”! Of course, she wanted some help visiting, but she and Elise (who ran up to them like the old friends they are) loved seeing them. Of course, after about 1 minute they began asking where was Mickey? 🙂 Lots of hugs for Donald and Daisy though, and it was time to let other children say hello. We made our rounds to Eeyore and Tigger after all, as well as Minnie. The girls were pleasant enough with Minnie, though all the while asking “Mickey? go?”. Don’t worry, Minnie would be missed when she wasn’t around, also. Apparently my daughters think they should all be together, at all times, a la a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode! 😉
When we had said our goodbyes to our friends (so thrilled to have caught so many in such a short time, and with such great interaction!), it was time for the Voyage of the Little Mermaid show. Avery and Elise had not yet seen this one and we weren’t sure what they would think. As expected, the laser lights, bubbles, fish and beautiful mermaid/princess won them over, and they were only slightly unsure of the dark, scarier parts.
After VOTLM we rode Toy Story Mania, where I – as usual – got my butt kicked. I had a cute partner though, don’t you think?

We were too late to catch the Playhouse Disney Live on Stage show after TSM, but we did get to say hello to our buddy Leo before heading out of the park. Oh! And also before heading out, we had one more stop. We had previously been advised to try out a sweet treat or two from Starring Rolls Bakery, and MAN was that advice spot on. My Butterfinger Cupcake (with about 8 inches of icing (or, should I say icing + a little double-decker cupcake action)) and Kyle’s cherry turnover were absolutely to-die-for. And who says that’s not a totally appropriate brunch?
Back at the hotel, it was time for the girls to eat lunch. While Kyle parked the car we headed back up to the Contempo Cafe to get Elise and Avery started, and to wait for the arrival of Grandma Shelly and Grandpa Mike!