O Canada

Grandma Mike and Grandpa Shelly had been to Disney World before, but only sort of πŸ˜‰ Kyle, the girls and I were excited for them to visit some of the parks for the first time, see some of the Disney details that make it so special to us, try some of our favorite restaurants, stay on property and just get the full experience. At about 1pm on Sunday, they were in the Contemporary lobby! After a little bit of luggage rearrangement (and delivery to our room while waiting on theirs to be ready) we were on the monorail headed to Epcot (via the TTC).

While we ordinarily limit our intake of chicken fingers, fries & burgers while at WDW (well, and always, but especially at WDW with so many other top-notch options), the Electric Umbrella was pretty much our only valid option that afternoon. The World Showcase restaurants were too far (we needed to eat soon, as our dinner reservations were already only 4 hours away) and Sunshine Seasons wouldn’t allow our girls to continue sleeping in the stroller. Still, at least Disney does Chicken Fingers and Burgers better than most, so it certainly wasn’t settling too low!
When Elise and Avery woke up, we were off to find Nemo and Figment (Mignent), ride Spaceship Earth, play in “Project Tomorrow” and ride Living with the Land. I cringe when people say Epcot is not a park for younger kiddos, because – in addition to it being my favorite, hands down – it has some of my girls favorite attractions anywhere in the WDW Resort.
As dinnertime was approaching, we made our way over to the World Showcase. We took in the O Canada circlevision show (one of my favorite WS attractions) and exited just in time for our dinner reservations at Le Cellier. First, know that Le Cellier is one of the best restaurants on any Disney property, and arguably way up there on a list of steakhouses in the world. It also has such authentic Canadian offerings from various provinces (cheddar cheese soup, pretzel bread, King Salmon, Gnocchi, Maple Creme Brulee, etc) that – like vacationers from around the world fill the other World Showcase pavilions – native Canadians fill the restaurant while on their respective vacations. All of this to say that when the Canadian men’s hockey team beatthe US for Olympic gold after losing a HUGE upset game to the United States earlier in the week and seemingly crushing their hopes for a medal, the place was ERUPTING with sounds of O Canada. I swear to you, there might have been ONE other table in the entire restaurant not standing and singing along with the entire staff. As a hockey fan and an American, it stunk. But wow, was it a cool sight – especially given Canada’s propensity to be less than outwardly patriotic (per their own Prime Minister, not me!). If nothing else, it was a unique, extra-authentic experience this time! πŸ˜‰
We skipped Illuminations since Mike and Shelly had yet to even get in their room, and instead made our way back to Bay Lake Tower. As we were heading over from the monorail, Wishes began just as we were on the observation deck. It was too cold to stay out for the whole thing, but the music was piped in and the view from the deck (and subsequently the walkway) were just a spectacular ending to the night.
Since our childrens books were all still in the car (oops!), Kyle recited a very sweet bedtime story about two princesses searching for Nemo (and other fun stories) and it was time to call it another day.
Due up: Fountains, Chef Mickey’s, and “Boom Booms”

And don’t forget, 99% of our pictures are in the WDW Picasa album… now updated through 2/28!


  1. I love that your daughter (I’m not good enough to determine which) has such great taste – reaching for that steak at Le Cellier. Love, love, love that place. It’s one of my granddaughter’s favorite places as well. Another really great steakhouse is at the Yacht Club – it’s now on our must do list…Yachtsman Steakhouse. Yum…

    I love your trip posts. I guess I’ve said that before…but it makes my train ride home from work so much more enjoyable!

  2. Barbara, you’re right – she has good taste! πŸ™‚ We have yet to try Yachtsman but have heard phenomenal things about it!