I just realized that iPhoto and Picasa are NOT speaking these days. Half the photos I deleted from my files somehow ended up in the Picasa albums, and half of the ones in iPhoto did not. Thankfully I caught it now, but sorry you had to sort through crap if you’ve already looked. AND, there will be some that you probably didn’t see, even though you think you have looked at previously uploaded days. I’ll try to get it figured out, but so far all I’m doing is duplicating the issues.

Just wanted to make you aware. And to think, I spent all that freakin’ time going through the pictures in the first place….
EDIT: So that wasn’t terrible. Turns out there is finally a plug-in to allow me to export directly from iPhoto (as there should have been forever ago). Finally, I don’t have to use Google’s beta version of Picasa for Mac that is super buggy. Off to delete it now, then get some sleep…. the albums are cleaned up though, if you’re bored. They should look right from here on out, too! 😉