Adorable Aliens and B-List Sci-Fi Movies

Our whole group was together pretty quickly once inside the gates of Hollywood Studios, so we grabbed an updated Times Guide and found out we were just in time for Playhouse Disney Live on Stage. We got there just as everyone was entering and found our seats, and Avery and Elise just melted my heart (as usual) as they interacted with some of their favorite friends, singing and dancing uninhibitedly – as only toddlers can do. So sweet.

Because I caught the bug last trip, I simply had to do the Animation Academy again. Next time, I’m doing it all day one day, over and over again. I’m serious! Mike, Shelly, Kyle, Elise and Avery went to meet sorcerer Mickey and play inside the Animation Studio while I learned how to draw Stitch. I opted for the antennaed experiment 626 incarnation, because I still think he’s just too cute.
When class let out, we hit the Great Move Ride (on our “Grandparents Must See” list) and the girls enjoyed a churro. The biggest thing on the just-mentioned list, however, was the Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show. It was delayed and slightly modified due to the intense winds we had been having all day, but it was still a good show, and we hadn’t seen it in a while. The delays made for a bit of a mad dash to dinner, but we are glad it worked out. Thankfully with lower crowds, the restaurants weren’t quite as strict on the entire party being there at once, so I was able to run ahead and check us in without any difficulty while the rest of the group followed.
Dinner was at the Sci-Fi Dine In Theater. The food was just mediocre and the girls were INSANELY crabby, nearly rivaling meltdowns of previous trips (though really the first this time around so not too much room to complain. There are a few benefits to their rapidly growing up, I suppose). It wasn’t my favorite night, but I’m still quite pleased with the restaurant choice with regards to themeing, our particular party, and the balance with other meals on the trip. And after all, cheesecake with caramel corn, caramel and M&Ms on top is good enough to end any meal on a pleasant note, right?
We had planned for this to be an early night (hence no afternoon break), so after dinner it was back to the hotel. We were in by about 7:30 (thanks mostly to Elise, who pointed out (with great enthusiasm) when she saw we were nearing our Botel), and enjoyed some down time and some Boom Booms before turning in for the night. The crowds and weather had made for a spectacular day in two parks that so often get a bad rap. Time to sleep though, for tomorrow morning it would be time for the stuff Walt Disney World dreams are made of when you’re a young princess or her traveling companions!
Due up: Fantasyland, Toontown, Epcot and the cutest Snow Whites you have EVER seen.