Happy Spring 2010!

So I had planned to recreate this adorable photo op (sans illness and with much bigger, less cooperative girls)…. but I can’t find the sweet flower headbands.

Instead, you’ll have to just check out some video of spring-like activities including an egg hunt and the first swingset time of 2010!
Also, while we’re at it, some other random video. I couldn’t get their best renditions of any of their favorite songs or a very accurate A-Z and 1-10 (still too distracted by the camera), but they were close. And still quite cute 😉
Elise has been singing “It’s a Small World” since we got back from our trip (shocking, right? Isn’t that how everyone is?). Or, should I say she’s sort of been singing it. Contrary to the normal toddler progression of learning words to a song and then the melody, she has the melody down pat but MAN did it take a long time to understand what she was asking us to sing. Enunciation is far from clear on this one, but we have learned finally (to her relief) that, “Yes!” IASW is, in fact, what she has been trying to get us to sing for 2 weeks. Here, you will not have to wonder why it took us several days:
They like other songs, too.

And, if you ask me, are just generally adorable and smart. I love these girls!
(And no, we aren’t teaching them to count backwards. As mentioned in a previous entry, Avery just started doing it one day and cracked us up!)

Finally, one more. While Avery’s vocabulary is probably significantly larger than Elise’s (or, at the very least, she picks up new words even more quickly and articulates them more clearly), Elise has shown so much more interest in her letters. She’s getting kind of good at them too, if I do say so myself! What amazes me is that they pick all this stuff up just from being read to and talked to – no special teaching required. Aren’t toddlers (and human brains) cool?!


  1. wow…i have the smartest, most talented and cutest grandchildren ever!!! such cute videos. made my day. miss you guys.

  2. Excellent videos! Thanks, we miss you all. 🙂