Akershus (God Bless You?) and Tapo Heads

After our goodbyes, the four of us continued to mosey around the World Showcase. Kyle and I shared an “American Dream” treat which looked pretty but was fairly boring tasting (red and blue icees, vanilla soft-serve). We spent some time in the Germany pavilion (where we found out a certain princess would be meeting and where we would just HAVE to be back around 4pm), got sprayed with too cold water (for a freezing day) by the Coke coolers in the Coolpost, and let the girls run around the China pavilion for a little while.

As mentioned, we had a special engagement we had to make just after 4 in the Germany pavilion, and it was well worth the trek back. Snow White, Elise and Avery were all quite smitten with one another! (More pictures in Picasa)

Unfortunately (for us, not them) we did have to share her with the other guests. We were thrilled to get jackets back on the girls though (and pants), because it was absolutely freezing at this point and we were terrible parents letting our toddlers run around in a short-sleeved, short dresses! 😉
We had a little while until dinner, so we headed for the Mexico Pavilion with plans to ride the girls’ second favorite ride anywhere on property at least one or two times, as well as let them play with the musical instruments again. Our plans changed though, when the pavilion was inexplicably packed! We had time to ride Gran Fiesta Tour just once, and it was time to backtrack to Norway.
Our experience at Akershus was simultaneously better than and worse than our expectations. We didn’t try for Cinderella’s Royal Table reservations since the girls haven’t even really been crazy about the princess on previous trips, but wanted to check this one out. Besides, most reviews I’ve heard favor the princess dining in Epcot anyway, except for the camp whose only argument otherwise is “But [CRT] is in the castle!”. 🙂
Anyway, the staff was very friendly. We were seated immediately, and the set-up of the restaurant and the dinner experience was great. An appetizer/cold-cuts buffet, but plated (and selected-from-a-menu) dinners, plus the girls got to order meals as well, at no additional cost. Our photo was taken with Belle at the start of the evening, and we were given several keepsake photos included with the price of the meal. Of course the cast of characters making an appearance can hardly be beat (if you’re a princess fan like myself), but wow was the interaction pretty lame. Each princess quite literally stopped for 30 seconds or less, smiling for a picture regardless of whether the girls were ready (and absolutely NOT with each of them – just one in between, despite the fact that they were several feet apart and did not fit in the frame together very well). Oh, this is AFTER coming out about 45 minutes after our arrival (and therefore when our one-year-olds were already quite bored). That was pretty disappointing, but thankfully (ha!) the girls wanted out of there fairly quickly anyway after they were finished eating.
Since we had pretty much accomplished all we wanted for the day, we decided to make a quick run to Downtown Disney with one goal in mind – to see about some Tapo Heads. You see, a store at DTD called Once Upon a Toy has all sorts of Disney and WDW pieces for Mr. Potato Head, and my girls are nothing short of obsessed with them these days. Kyle and the girls played with the pieces on the table that was out for kids, while I had a hay-day working the pieces in the box like a puzzle to get the biggest bang for our twenty bucks. I’m pleased with the result, as are my daughters!
We were only out for about half an hour, and back to our hotel around 7:30pm. While Kyle went on a Diet Coke run, Avery, Elise and I watched the Boom Booms from the comfort of our (barely) quieter hotel room. I’ll say it again – what a magical upgrade, however low and obstructed the view!