Grandpa and Grandma’s Last Day

Wednesday, March 3rd

A bit of a late start again (though our whole family was ready by 7:15), and we missed the Welcome Show at the Magic Kingdom. I was bummed, but at least we were there, and not long after rope drop. In fairly short order, we rode Dumbo, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, “it’s a small world” and the teacups – where we even waved at Alice as she rode just before us!
At about 9:45, we headed into Toontown to see about meeting some fairies and princesses. It only took about 20 minutes to get through both lines, and the girls did so much better than last time! Elise sort of ran the show (as you’ve come to expect on this trip, right?) in initiating hugs, etc, but she was always sure to point Avery out if the character hadn’t noticed. (They usually had.)
After sitting on Fawn’s lap, Elise assumed that was the status quo and plopped right down on Tinkerbell before she knew what to expect! Also, she marched right up and climbed onto Aurora’s bench to sit for a picture instead of standing like the previous group. Do you think she’s done this before? 🙂 Avery even enjoyed a little tickling with Belle!
After Toontown, we headed through Fantasyland to Liberty Square to eat at Columbia Harbour House – where the girls got free cookies simply for being so cute! We all ate, and put the girls down for a nap just before noon. The rest of us checked out a few stores, (FINALLY) picked up classic MMC ears for the girls with their names on them, used up some snack credits and just took our time leaving the Magic Kingdom.
Because the girls were sleeping and we weren’t in a hurry, everyone else rode the monorail to Epcot while I ran back to the hotel for a few things we’d need that evening. I also stopped at the pool bar and filled up the mug, which cracked me up. You see, it was so freaking cold, that the lifeguards were all standing around in jogging suits and coats and playing games on their phone… and the bartender was sitting at his own barstool watching soaps. “Busy day, huh?” I asked. Only one of them answered, “No, not too bad.” Lol… sarcasm, my friend. Learn it.
At Epcot, crowds were a bit larger than I had expected. Would the first day of the Flower and Garden Festival really bring that much traffic, even on a Wednesday? Thankfully we were just there to take it in, so it didn’t really affect us. Speaking of the F&GF, the new topiaries (many of which had appeared overnight) were adorable.
The girls got their first taste of the Weevos play system where we would spend a lot of our next few days when in Epcot… and absolutely went nuts over it. Interestingly (to me), I had done some consultant work over the fall that revolved around the accessibility of these systems, so it was fun to see them in use. And boy, did Elise and Avery ADORE them . They were so brave! (More cute playground pictures in Picasa!)

After probably close to an hour on the playsets, it was time to pry the girls away. They were pleased with the distraction though, because we then changed them into their Snow White dresses and they were in awe of themselves (and one another)! 🙂 As you might imagine, they got a lot of attention too, so we literally stayed in one spot on a sidewalk for quite a while longer. Too funny!
We were planning to spend the rest of the day in the World Showcase, and started with the Canada side since Mike and Shelly had only seen a few pavilions on the other side on their first visit. We spent some time in the shops and gardens of Canada, the UK, France (including the F&GF fragrance garden), and Japan and enjoyed a Strawberry crepe in Morocco. Well, FROM France, but IN the Morocco pavilion. ‘Cause their relatively close neighbors, you know. 🙂
At some point in the afternoon, the time had come for Grandma Shelly and Grandpa Mike head back to the hotel, then the airport, and then Ohio. We said our goodbyes and wished them safe travels, thanking them for coming to one of our favorite places with us!


  1. Hi Mike and Shelley, I hope you guys had a great time at Disney with Kyle and Jen; I know we did in Gatlinburg with them!