On patience…

An excerpt from a blog entry I just read: Potty training one child is a challenge. Potty training twins is like gearing up for an Olympic event. It involves double the equipment, double the training time, double the mess, and parents who posses exponentially more patience.”

Too bad I don’t have exponentially more patience. And the exponentially exponentially more that seems to be required to train these two, in the throes of terrible twos, where utter defiance and limit-testing has replaced sweetness and good behavior as the norm. Parents of younger kiddos – THIS is why you start at an age (modern, US) society considers “early” … lest you be limited to incredibly trying days (or super easy training, but when said child is school-aged).

Truth be told, the girls are doing “well”. Sort of. After all, it’s only been 2.5 days in big girl panties, and that’s a big change. We’re just kicking ourselves that we didn’t take advantage of normal child development when it was working TO our advantage.

Mama (and girls) who are tired of feeling trapped at home (but are still more than happy to trade diapers for undies in far less time than it would take otherwise, she reminders herself)