URGENT! Yahoo email hack

So I hope that if you read this in an RSS feeder that the most recent posts come on top, so you see this right away! 😉

Last night, apparently an old, unused yahoo email address of mine was hacked. This isn’t surprising, but I also realized that in that hacked address book was an email address that I created to post to CK.com from a mobile device or location. In other words, when the spam email was sent out, the “blog’s email address” was also included, resulting in a spam post on here.
I tell you this so that obviously you don’t click on it in your feed reader. If you just come to CK.com to read, it’s been deleted and I assure you that the blog is otherwise unaffected.
And hey, I suppose this post serves a dual purpose, because now I’ve gotten the word out to some of you that might have also received the email directly from the yahoo account. (Though I am also emailing the accounts in the address book from a different address)
Lastly, let me just say I’m glad I now use mac mail instead of a web-based entity… and that if you use yahoo (and probably gmail, etc), you should consider changing your password frequently.
Now back to your regularly schedule programming…