Slides, Steps & Spelling

First, let me say that I am not one of those nervous moms. If you know me, you know that’s true. Newborns didn’t scare me, and my girls frequently climb and jump on a lot higher things than their grandmothers would prefer, while Kyle and I don’t bat an eye and simply say, “They’re going to fall someday, no matter what”.

But I’m not sure I’d have taught them to climb up their (super tricky) slide ladder at just 20 months old. It’s a good thing they have a Daddy that will do just that, because look how good they are at it! (Ok, and please notice how cute the shirts are in this video. Of course, now that people already think Elise is “older” (by more than a minute), they aren’t quite what I was going for when I started looking at about 6 weeks old for “Big Sis” & “Little Sis” shirts. Obviously there isn’t much of a demand for both in teeny baby sizes 😉 Still, I crack myself up.)

Next, I think I’m going to brag a minute and say that I have a little genius or two on my hands. 😉 Ok, perhaps not – but they really do memorize wonderful things with their crazy little spongey minds, when we aren’t even aware of them doing so.
On Easter, my mom was “coloring” with Elise. Most often, this means Elise asks you to draw something on her paper, and/or guesses what you draw. Occasionally it means scribbling, but usually she needs “help”. Avery is my true artist, and can scribble masterpieces with the best of them. Anyway, said “coloring” was taking place and my mom discovered a sweet little surprise. Elise could (almost) spell her name! Can you tell what Mommy most often writes when she is “coloring” with her daughters? 😛 Hysterical.
We have since corrected that end letter, and the appropriate “E” has taken it’s place. We did figure out where the confusion came in though, as we’d often overhear her saying (to herself), “E-L-I-S-T-U-V, W-X-Y-Z”. Close, kiddo, but you’re mixing a few things up there.
Of course, now she just often mixes herself up in a different way, “E-L-I-S-E-L-I-S-E”. Goofball.
…. And in case you’re wondering, I do realize that at this point it is little more than recitation and she has not the first clue as to what she is doing. I don’t care, it’s cute 🙂 Both girls DO recognize about 5-10 letters each, consistently and accurately, and of that I am a super proud mama. They even surprised great Grandma the other day by picking out their own chairs, toys, etc that have their correct names (or initials) on them, when great grandma had (accurately!) assumed they just knew their ABCs like any other song lyrics. Nice PSA for reading to and talking to kids at an early age, I think! Their minds are truly incredible all on their own, given the right environment and just a bit of encouragement.
What amazing creations!