Museum Monday – April

Because of our vacation in early March (seriously, has it only been a month?!), we missed the last Music & Movement class. When we got there today, it felt as if it had been ages, but the girls were excited to be back…. and I was excited that Kyle got to join us, for the first time in several months!

We got there early (on purpose, for a few reasons) so the girls enjoyed playing in the lobby for a while before the Children’s Museum actually opened.
Class, as usual, was wonderful! We can’t wait until we will actually be able to consider including a Music Together class in our budget, so the girls might be able to do this more frequently – especially if it’s with Miss Ai Li.
After class, our first stop was the Water Works play area. As much as the girls would have loved this several times ago, they were just too short for me to handle by myself (since I’d have to hold them up and play), and the last time we were there it was just too crowded. Today was perfect though in that Kyle was with us, there wasn’t another person in the area, and the girls were just the right size for one section (with step stools). Unfortunately – and we thought of this but didn’t think long enough, I guess! – water play (including fountains) is not the most ideal thing for newly trained or potty training toddlers. 🙂 Elise had her first accident in over a week, so we only played there about 10 or 15 minutes. (Oops!)
After changing and cleaning up, we were off to the Little Sprouts farm. The girls continue to love this area, and for once it wasn’t jam-packed. Lots of fun things to play with, and the perfect level of independence for this age!

Finally, we stopped into the Super Sprouts craft area and made texture collages.
Elise and Avery had a great time, and were quite upset to leave… but lunchtime (and naptime!) and Daddy’s work shift were fast-approaching. We’ll be back in a month or so! 🙂


  1. as i mentioned earlier, the photo of me demonstrates one of my two “photo faces” – this particular one appears to be: disgust

  2. No, see I see “intensely focused” 🙂