"Happy 101" Award!

“You like me, you really like me!”

Ok, so we all know by now that Sally Field didn’t actually utter those words, but it’s become a bit of pop culture, no? And really, all I’m trying to say is that one of my dearest friends likes me (or my girls, at least), and that’s something that probably should be true. Confused yet?
Sweet Leah has bestowed upon me (and this blog) an award!

So without further ado, ten things that (in no particular order) make me happy.
1) Elise & Avery (Can they count as one? Because a lot of things make me happy!): I mean, have you seen them? They’re great. Smart, funny, adorable, sweet, and a million other adjectives I don’t have the room nor the time to list. I can so vividly remember longing, praying for little ones before they joined our family, and even then I couldn’t imagine what a precious gift it would be to be called their mama.
2) Kyle: Again, too many words. The love of my life and my best friend in the whole world. Seriously. We can talk about anything for hours on end or enjoy silence together. We can engage in serious, deep discussion or get in a full-fledged tickle war with our baby girls. He is the kindest, most loving man I know, a great doctor and hard worker, and the best Daddy to my girls that I could have ever imagined.
3) My family: My parents make me laugh (to the point of stomach ache, all the time), support me in everything I do, and showed me the importance of loving one another and loving and serving God with all your heart. My sister is one of the most compassionate, loving people I know and I am so proud of her all the time. Except when she knows more about science than I do (which is happening more frequently) or beats me at Mario Party. Eh, even then.
4) Singing: Seriously, music is the thing that most speaks to my heart. I love singing in the shower, in the car (until the 930284th time of the same freaking children’s song in a row), in a massed choir, or rocking out on the stage at 4 Corners. Beyond the joy music brings me, I can’t even begin to express the capacity to worship that it facilitates. Unreal.
5) My church and church family: The people are a blast, while being very real and very passionate about Jesus. The heart of the church is amazing, committed to being a place that ANYONE – especially those who are unsure about “church” – can find and experience the love (and the plan) God has for them. It’s a place where we are all encouraged to take “next bold steps” every week, and really examine the things in our lives that are keeping us from being where God wants us or would push us further in the direction He is moving. I am so blessed to be a part of the leadership/worship teams there, and am amazed at how much I am changed when I think I’m the one doing some serving.
6) Mountain Dew. And Skittles. Together, or separate.: Seriously, had to lighten the load a bit, right? I wouldn’t want you to think I was ENTIRELY sappy now! And honestly, Mountain Dew is my vice. Bad day? Other excuse to cheat on a diet? Forget the ice cream (though that works, too), my first choice is a real (read: non-diet), ice cold 20-ounce bottle of Mountain Dew.
7) Walt Disney World: Bet you thought I’d never get there, huh? And yes, it really is “all things Disney”, because I’m a sucker for the brand as a whole. But there is something about WDW that, as I’ve said a dozen times before, allows the most refreshing break from reality while taking in and creating some of the best experiences I’ve had anywhere with people I love – and yes, that’s even after traveling other places unrelated to The Mouse. It’s just different, and if I have to explain that to you then you either a) are new around here or b) wouldn’t understand anyway. 😉
8) Christmas Music: From November 1st-December 26th it’s playing, and it’s a better mood elevator than Prozac. Not that I would know first hand, but I’m thinking it’s safe to assume – at least for me.
9) Shopping: I’ll admit it. Given the right circumstances (namely, more money), “retail therapy” works wonders for me. That’s not always a good thing, but that assessment wasn’t part of the assignment, now was it?
10) Organizing stuff: Seriously, nerd alert. I’m a procrastinator so this one might not always be evident (if you are one, you know why – there has to be time for 100% or nothing gets done!). But the outlook of my whole day can change if I have the time and energy to tackle a big organizing project. If I don’t, then I just make lists and travel plans and other things that sort of fall into the same arena, and that is a nice little “fix”.
Seriously, what a stupid last thing. Alas, you know I could spend all day on a task like this, and I just don’t have the luxury. So now, for the rest of the rules:

“Happy 101” Rules:

1. copy and paste the award on your blog.
2. list who gave the award to you and use a link to her/his blog (or hyperlink).
3. list 10 things that make you happy.
4. pass the award on to other bloggers and visit their blog or on facebook to let them know about the award.

I’m a bit of a sucker for blogs, so I follow a ton – sorry if you read this and I couldn’t include everyone! (For the rest of you, I’d be happy to put you on my blogroll if you’d like to be!) Here are just a few other part-time bloggers that I’d like to pass this award along to, because they too brighten my day with new posts!

Sarah and I went to… junior high together (is that it?) and that was about it, until the fabulous internet reconnected us. Now via facebook and blogs, Sarah continues to encourage me with her posts about raising her sweet Lydia, her involvement in her church and her walk with the Lord.

Amy (and Thomas) were also long-lost Mason Middle School folks that I talk to now more than I ever did before 🙂 Mr. Henry is one of Elise & Avery’s summer playgroup buddies, and we look forward to meeting Camden when he makes is arrival in August!

Stacy and I met via our Mothers of Twins Club when our girls were just 4 and 5 months old. We’ve had lots of playdates since then (though not nearly enough!) and I am always encouraged when spending time with her and her precious girls, Anna and Avary.

Lindsay and I have definitely known each other the longest (or at least been friends the longest) of any bloggers I know. She has always been a sweet friend and an incredibly strong girl/young lady/woman (seriously, we go way back!) and is now a super-strong mama of adorable boys Mason and Brody.