Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Around here, “Mickey House” or “Clubhouse” might be a request for one of three things.

1) The show
3) This toy:

This thing is great, and our acquisition of it (or, rather, the fact that I finally put it together this week for the girls to play with) has led to hours of cooperative play between two previously bored girls. Truth be told, I just forgot about it after purchasing it at the Twins Club sale, but I’m thrilled that I had it to bust out during the monsoon season that has apparently begun in Cincinnati.
With the flick of switches (appropriate, as you know if you know the show at all), Pluto’s doghouse, a stepping stone path, and a picnic table appear. Characters stand on pedestals and talk, or the press of a button makes them say even more fun phrases. A lever starts “the Hot Dog Song”, which – as you may recall – has been among my girls’ favorites for months. There’s even the handy balloon, a garage and the toon car, and an off switch! 😉
I remember when a friend of mine bought this toy for her son, and thought it was cute then. At $50 for just the clubhouse and 3 figures though (goofy, donald, etc sold separately) it wasn’t going to make it into this house! That was, until I found it – with literally a dozen extra figures – in working, flawless shape at the Spring WCMOTC sale for just $12. Score! Have I mentioned how much I love our sale? Oh, I have? Well I do.