Pigtails and Playgroup

Wednesday morning, we finally got back together with some of our playgroup friends after far too long a hiatus! But first things first – getting ready…

Elise’s hair, as you may have noticed, is out of control. It continues to grow in kind of oddly too, in that the sides aren’t quite long enough for a ponytail and the top is not really the issue. She sort of has an Albert Einstein look going, if Al was a curly towhead. Oh wait, he sort of was.
Anyway, with issues like these, there is but one option: Pigtails.
And you know that if sissy has her hair fixed, Avery needs it, too! Except that it just doesn’t quite work with Avery’s hair. So we improvised, and went for the Pebbles Flintstone look instead.
She seemed content with that decision, and I think she was just as cute. Don’t you agree?
So finally, it was time to visit our friends at Cottell Park. The girls had a blast playing on the playground (wet as the slides were, and cold as it was outside this morning!), watching the ducks, playing ring around the rosie and running in the grass. By the end of the morning the weather was beautiful, and it was wonderful to see our friends again!

We even got a picture of most of the group (before two more friends arrived), and a few of them even looked at the camera the same time! 😉 Seriously, best out of 17 shots –

Cute bunch, no? Playgroup was followed by lunch at Arby’s with Nana and Cassi where the company was great but the food wiped out my daily allowance of WW points! Fair trade though, for a great morning with my sweet girls! More pics in Picasa