Leadership Retreat, Day 1

Every year, the leadership teams at 4 Corners are invited to get together in Gatlinburg for about 48 hours just to spend some time as a community. In one (giant) cabin, about fifty people including the staff of the church and volunteers from all aspects of church service – worship team, tech, nursery/children’s programming, outreach, etc – gather together with their families to get to know one another and simply encourage one another away from the day-to-day workings of the church. It was really cool in large part to get to know people that serve in a different area, that we might not have even met previously. And it could go without saying that it was such a blessing to spend time as a family, especially during this very busy two-month homestretch of residency. It was nothing short of miraculous that Kyle was able to join us, and we are so thankful it worked out. And without further ado, some pictures from the first day. (I know what you come here for!)

Exploring the cabin…
(You know, the one with this view) (Seriously, click it.)

Playing with friends
Enjoying the great outdoors
Eating. Nonstop. (All four of us, all weekend.)
Families arrived all throughout the day on Thursday and it ended up being a perfect mix (for us, anyway) of time with kids and time without 🙂 The girls went down only a bit later than usual (8ish?), and we spent the rest of the evening playing games and chatting. Kyle and I were exhausted because he was on call the night before (read: no sleep for either of us, usually), so we were sort of party poopers and in bed just after 11.
Stay tuned for the rest of the trip, including the girls’ first “hiking” trip!