Twenty-seven months ago, we put together cribs in anticipation of the arrival of our sweet (gender-unknown) babies.

Then just over 2 years ago, we brought home these precious, tiny girls that looked so lost in them.

And tonight, we’re taking them down to put “big girl beds” in their place.
More on that later, but can I just tell you how freaking hard this is turning out to be for me? We haven’t even started and every time I see the beds I get choked up. I remember standing in the nursery several times, super pregnant, thinking about these two little people that would soon join us. Today I stood there and just started crying. I’m such a sap!
Seriously though, for whatever reason, this is hurting. Of course, then I laugh with Kyle (you know, that kind of laugh) that I’ll face these familiar bridges again – Kindergarten, High School, driving, College, Weddings. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, of course, but can we just acknowledge that this part of mommying is hard? Or maybe it’s just hard for emotional crazies like me.


  1. Yay for big girl beds! But, I totally agree. It’s hard to think your “babies” are ready for big girl beds. They’ll do great and so will you 🙂

  2. It is difficult indeed. It doesn’t really get any easier.