Yesterday, Kyle and I took Elise and Avery to see Curious George at the zoo! You might recall that my daughters love(d) George, so I was quickly willing to make an exception to our weekdays-only zoo rule and venture out on a crowded Saturday when I heard he would be in town.

Knowing it would be crowded (confirmed by the number of people waiting to get in at 8:50am) and realizing that the new Children’s Zoo play area had just opened a few days ago, we had made a plan to make a beeline to check it out first. This worked out well, and the girls were the only kids on it for at least 15 minutes when we finally had to pull them away! The area is much cuter than I expected after seeing a few pictures, and – especially with no big kids to knock them around – my two had a great time playing.
After leaving the Children’s Zoo we saw several more animals in a short period of time (love the mornings!), including two new “baby” (young) manatees! It was so great to have manatees again, after several months without. We’ll definitely have to make it back in the next week or two (during the week!) to visit all of the other zoo babies, because before we knew it it was time to catch a ride on the carousel and head over to the show… just in time to find out it was canceled.
They did offer a meet & greet in it’s place (George’s partner’s flight got delayed and he needs a bit of help, you see, to tell stories)… but it was a lot more time and effort for a lot less entertainment. Still, the girls enjoyed giving him a hug and high five fist pump.
We rounded out the afternoon with lunch at Chipotle/Quiznos (no, they aren’t combined – you wish!), a nap, and a cookout with the extended Kaufman family to celebrate Aunt Kelly’s completion of the Xavier MBA program. What wonderful family time on a beautiful spring Saturday! I think I’m going to have no trouble getting used to the option…
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