Kings Island

I love Kings Island. Of course, I’m sure some of you are going to say it’s just because I grew up down the street from it, could see my neighborhood from the Eiffel Tower, and had season passes every year until I was 20-something. Heck, I probably went in utero, considering it’s where my parents met. That might be part of it, nostalgia and all. And true – I’m not stupid, here – Cedar Point blows it out of the water with regards to roller coasters and I’m so pumped that Cedar Fair has brought a few new great ones to KI.

But when it comes to walking around, hanging out, growing up (then taking your little ones), I will fight you to the end – Kings Island is where it’s at. It’s no Disney park, of course(!), but the landscaping, fountains, details, play areas, music (prior to the current crap they blare now), sprawling layout, etc cannot even fairly be compared to Cedar Points zig-zagging metal queues in the blistering sun and the asphalt+metal jungle that it is. There, I’ve said it. When I want to ride coasters, I’m happy to make the trek up to Ohio’s other park that’s undoubtedly better at them… but when I want to hang out a few hours and enjoy the atmosphere, there’s no competition. Assuming Cedar Fair doesn’t continue to make it more and more gaudy…? Such a dilemma. I guess we’ll take the good (oh! including Camp Snoopy – best Kiddie Land incarnation since Hanna Barbara land) with the bad, and I’m also guessing you know this is SO not the point of this entry 🙂
The point(s) is(are) this: we went today. It was fun. The girls loved it, and were (obviously) super cute. We’ll be going back as much as possible this week while schools are still in.
And now, for the stuff that’s more fun than my rambling…
Apparently Avery thought she was in for the worst time of her life….?
…which she thankfully got over quickly 🙂


  1. the picture of avery is priceless. “what are you dragging me to now?” glad you had fun. what cute outfits.

  2. I bet they’ll LOVE KI, and just think, they’ll always have a ride buddy!