More Kings Island

So we’ve literally gone to Kings Island 3 days already this week, and will likely go at least one more before the crowds pick up. The girls are loving it more each time, and are quickly recognizing “Snoopy Dog” and his friends, and are leading the way to their favorite attractions.

On Wednesday afternoon, Kyle even got to join us! Our plan was to spend the bulk of the evening in Boomerang Bay since I won’t often do that by myself with the girls. First stop that day, though, was somewhat overdue (and also somewhat miraculous, considering I’d passed it every day) – the girls’ first taste of blue ice cream! Ahh, heavenly. They enjoyed it as much as the rest of us, and I’d like to think they realize the sprinkles are the only decent ones anywhere (which are now all we have in our house 😉 ). They’ve inherited that fine palate, I’m sure!
Elise and Avery LOVED Boomerang Bay, as you might expect given their love for the water. Each attraction was cooler than the last, though when we’d try to convince them of that to leave one for another, they did not trust is in the slightest. Not a lot of pictures of course, until the iphone is waterproof (2011 perhaps? ;)).
Unfortunately, most of the evening was spent dealing with Avery’s meltdowns. You see, my children sleep about 9 or 10 hours a day (total), which is NOT enough for 2-year-olds. Period. And ohmygosh, it shows. Ask anyone who has seen them lately. Anyway, while this is what we dealt with most of the evening —

— we did get things like this a few times, and – somehow – I would say it was an enjoyable family evening overall. Here’s to many more this summer!

More KI & pool pictures from this week in the May Picasa album


  1. That’s fantastic that you’ve got a great theme park nearby. The good thing is that most people are going to head up to Sandusky. 🙂

    9 or 10 hours sleep? Yikes. I feel for you, those meltdowns must be epic.