Butterfly Show

Last week, Kyle and I were finally able to take the girls to the Krohn Conservatory for the annual butterfly show. There were hundreds of butterflies loose in the greenhouse, and my girls didn’t quite know what to do with themselves. Elise was, at first, nothing short of terrified of the butterflies. And the flowers, because they sometimes resembled butterflies. Eventually, she warmed up to walk around checking things out, but was never quite certain when those dreadful creatures came near. 🙂

Avery, on the other hand, adored them from the start. She tried to let them land on her silk flowers, but seriously lacked the patience and steady hand required to do so, especially considering it was no small task even for adults. Apparently, as you might suspect, butterflies aren’t all that interested in silk flowers.
She would take notice of some of the other kids who, for whatever reason, were prime targets for butterflies to land. I’m not sure if they were sweeter, cleaner, dirtier or just lucky, but a few toddlers couldn’t keep butterflies off of themselves if they wanted to. Poor Avery wanted DESPERATELY to have one land on her head/shoulder/finger/face/back/foot/knee/arm/etc, so she was absolutely delighted when a kind older gentleman brought one over just for her.
Elise was pretty intrigued too, and almost held one herself!

That is, until she remembered they were ferocious.
What a fun morning!
As (almost)always, more pictures in picasa – including a few of the gorgeous bonsais on display… and my girls, who fit in perfectly with the beautiful scenery! 😉


  1. oh that looked wonderful! i just love watching avery with the butterflies. can’t wait to see you tomorrow.