Go Reds!

One good thing about my dad having an appendectomy a week or so ago is that he was obviously off work a few days, and – toward the end of his “vacation” (ha!) – we were able to go to a Reds game with him, my mom, my grandma & Cassi. The only other is that we got handicap accessible seats, which were awesome for the girls with plenty of space to run around!

First stop though was a picnic lunch, though I suppose we didn’t actually have to stop since Elise and Avery would just continue to snack the entire game – including their first taste of dippin’ dots!
They also got to play with foam fingers…
… use binoculars…
… and listen to Cowboy, Thom & Marty on Pappy’s radio.
Elise was especially into the game, shouting, “Go Reds!” and “(Jay)Bruuuuuce” – and pretty much whatever else Nana told her to shout.
I think it was a sweltering hot day, but in the shade it was just perfect… and a fantastic afternoon out! The game was really exciting, too! 🙂


  1. Yay for taking my mom!!!