Twenty-four Months.

Two years. Crazy, isn’t it?! Without doing monthly posts for a while, I feel like there is so much to catch you up on if you aren’t around the girls on a regular basis… especially since I’ve been terrible about posting here regularly. I’ve taken the last week or so to jot down a few things worth sharing – things the girls are up to, interested in, and capable of. It’s amazing to me, so even if you don’t want to read it I’m posting for our own memories. I feel like we forget all too quickly who these sweet girls were at any given moment, as time just keeps flying by!

Elise and Avery are…

  • extremely “into” Red Ockyons (Octagons). You might know them as “Stop Signs”, but either way, my girls point out every. single. one. Once, one was leaning over and Avery could not stop lamenting, “Oh no! Ockyon fell over. Poor Ockyon”. She still talks about it today, weeks later.
  • great at remembering things (as with the first point). Another example – one of an innumerable amount – is remembering where things they have originally came from. One day, a month ago, they visited Grandma Shelly at work. They each got a roll of smarties, which they loved, but let’s be honest – doesn’t seem like a life-changing event, right? Weeks later, upon receiving another pack of smarties, they talk about the time Grandma gave them that candy. They do this with nearly every toy or item of clothing that is remotely “new”.
  • obsessed with letters/ABCs. They point them out everywhere, always. They both recognize 15-20 of them, and know what a handful of them “are for” (ie, “A for Avery”).
  • big fans of coloring. They’re getting much more interested in “coloring” shapes and pictures (scribbling over them purposefully), drawing circles, etc but still enjoy the random scribbling, too. Their favorite pasttime, though, is still telling a grown-up what to color (draw).
  • day-time potty trained. Accidents are few and far between for Elise (weeks), and Avery will go several days to a week without and then get too easily distracted and have one or two in close proximity. She, however, very often wakes up from naps and nighttime dry (as they both do), and will stay dry while playing, getting ready, etc until she gets to the potty. They’re also rarely fearful of “big potties” anymore, making our outings much easier without two travel potty chairs!
  • sometimes little snots. Especially Elise. She is a master at ignoring mommy and daddy, and would rather die than do what you ask of her at times – even if very simple. Seriously, she is one of the most stubborn children I have ever seen. She and I have been known to sit in a wrestling lock of sorts for 25 minutes until she can fulfill a simple request such as saying, “Yes Mama”. I’m mean, right? Avery on the other hand is much more obedient at this point, but also is my 0-60 kiddo with regards to meltdowns. When she wants to protest, even if less frequently, it’s all out war and often results in her throwing herself on the ground with no regards for oncoming traffic or the possibility of busting her face on the cement. She’s the one we have to watch closely, I tell ya, because it comes out of nowhere and is downright dangerous!
  • little chatterboxes. We should have expected this since they knew 15-20 words at 15 months (instead of 2-3), but they don’t. ever. stop. talking. They crack us up though, with their inflection and love for story-telling. Avery will recount her day for Kyle each evening, with great detail and little or no prompting. Both girls will pick up every word they hear, remember it forever, and use it appropriately – usually after hearing it just once. They use 3-5 word sentences with frequency, which blows us away.
  • VERY interested in learning. At their prompting (it’s not like we’re sitting here with flashcards or anything), they know most of their letters as mentioned, but also how to count (not just recitation but the actual act of counting), most of their colors, about half a dozen shapes, and more animals and other “vocabulary” than we could ever keep track of.
  • musicians! We sing EVERY day. Most of the day. Seriously. They pick up new songs at lightning speed and will often request ones we don’t even remember singing for them. They love to sing the same thing over and over, until mommy says (and they repeat) “one more time(s)”, then they know it’s time to choose a different song. And they do, without missing a beat. Because God forbid we go more than 10 seconds without singing something, once we’re on a roll. Their current favorites include: “It’s a Small World”, “Following the Leader (“Tee Dum Tee Dee”, as they call it), “Hey Diddle Diddle”, “The Wheels on the Bus”, “Baa Baa Black Sheep”, “Itsy Bitsy Spider”, “Pig on her Head” and some less traditional ones, like “Fireflies” 🙂 They also pick up random songs from the radio, and recognize them later (and join me) when I have one stuck in my head.
  • very happy in the water. This week, anyway. They love baths and swimming, sprinklers and water tables.
  • still very interested in all of their books. They read during naptime every day, and can often be heard reading aloud to one another based on pictures (or, in the case of Dr. Suess’ ABC’s, pure recitation). We also still read every night of course, after Elise’s medicine and their teeth-brushing, and before our nightly “Skinnamarink” singing.
  • often quite polite. We’ve had “Please” and “Thank You” down for 9 or 10 months, but they are also very fond of “Bless You” when someone sneezes, and “Excuse me” ….. usually to someone else, when that person burps. Lately, they’ve even offered up a “thank you, mama (or whomever)” without prompting, even several minutes after receiving said thing. At lunch the other day, about halfway through, I heard out of nowhere a sweet, “Thank you mama, lunch”. Followed by “Thank you mama, peas.” And “Thank you mama, plate”. And then one for each and every item in sight. For several minutes. (But seriously, can one be annoyed by something so sweet, and so heartfelt (done completely without prompting)? Yeah, I thought not.)
  • very good eaters. They LOVE broccoli, green beans and peas. They of course love everything else that is actually delicious (like sweets and junk food). My favorite things they’ve had lately, just because I love to hear them say the names, is “nuffins” (muffins) and “han-gurbers”. With the exception of a few “toddler days”, they usually clean their plates and eat more than I can ever figure out where they’re storing it! I’m quite interested to see how much they’ve grown, because they’ve been little piggies for a year now!
  • changing so much, physically. Elise especially is tall (well, for a short girl) and lean, and has little kid legs and arms instead of baby legs. It makes me sad. I never thought the appearance of “real” elbows would be so heart-breaking.
  • fans of all things Disney, and it’s not as if we’ve forced it on them. Sure, we buy some Mickey & Princess & Tinkerbell toys, but their love for them is all theirs. I think it has to do with how many times they’ve “hung out” with the various characters. I swear, it makes all the difference in the world to them. The way they react to Mickey Mouse is SO different than how they react to, say, Curious George – whom they also love. After all, they go way back! They also love Handy Manny, Miss Pattycake, and the Laurie Berkner Band. Elise (still) does NOT like Chicken Little. This fear is based solely on the preview, which for a year now has – for a reason unbeknownst to us – scared the crap out of her.
  • not good at sleeping. At all. They’re still getting way too little sleep, and I’m not sure what (if anything) to do about it. They are, however, much better about staying in their beds when it’s time, as long as they think we’re nearby and would catch them when they get out!
  • tough cookies! I swore from about 5 months on that multiples almost have to turn out less fragile, since as infants they maul and climb all over one another and there’s not much you can do about it. I’ve always reminded other mothers of young children of this fact when they worry their child will break mine 🙂 and I still think it’s true. They take some amazing spills, especially since they climb like little monkeys, and usually shake it off. (Unless they’re sleepy, in which case even the wind blowing on them seems to threaten their very lives.)
  • enamored with “babies”. They prefer live, human babies, but also love dolls. And anything they can possibly call a “baby”, such as smaller (capital) letters that happen to be in the presence of larger-sized (capital) letters.
  • great at finding things, and then announcing that they’ve found them. Favorite phrases still include, “______, where are you?” and “There it is/There they are!” and “Found ’em!”… all with the most adorable inflection!
  • going to kill me later for posting this. Ok, just Elise – but it’s too cute to forget! You know they’re potty trained. However, this includes (on a daily basis) my sweet girl running to the bathroom frantically and very purposefully, going through the whole routine, and then… passing the tiniest little “toot”, as we’ve come to affectionately talk about such things. It took ages to convince her that she didn’t need to wipe and flush after each. Sorry if you think that’s TMI, she’s two and it’s freaking hilarious. She’s more polite than 99.9% of adults. Or perhaps just confused.
  • good friends with Wendy. You know, the red-headed girl found on signs and buildings just about anywhere in the US? The one selling you delicious spicy chicken sandwiches? Yeah, they love her. Not just her food (though that, too, to a lesser extent) – her. And her (pig)”tails”.
  • grasping more and more “abstract” concepts. I mean, certainly they aren’t abstract thinkers – impossible for 2-year-olds, I know. But they understand things like “soon”, and “both”, ideas of big vs. little and other opposites, “this way” and “that way” etc. I have no idea when that usually happens in the life of a toddler, but it sure is fun to watch as they process these kinds of new ideas.
  • very intrigued by the fact that a W is and “ups-down” M. If we see one, and are capable, we just HAVE to turn it over and see!
  • already thrilled to “remind me” of things. Example: One night, when getting ready for bed, I said to Elise, “Let’s get your pants on.”. She then said, in the most hilarious tone, “Not pants, jammies, mumber? (remember)”. Oh yes, you’re right. Jammies. What was I thinking.
  • adorable. Like, really adorable. 🙂

So there you have it, a mile long snapshot of Elise and Avery at 2. If you’ve made it through this far, you must really love these girls. For that, we are so thankful!


  1. Very nice recap. These girls truly are amazing and just too adorable for words.

  2. You are truly blessed!