Happy 2nd Birthday, Elise and Avery!

If you get a minute , be sure to check out the video posted previously! If you have 13 minutes more (and/or are feeling nostalgic, here is last year’s).

Today has certainly been a fun one!
The girls woke up and donned “beautiful pink birthday shirts”…
and found that some more balloons made their way to our house again while they were asleep!
Next they picked out two new Pez dispensers that we don’t know are supposed to contain candy toys when we had to run to Kroger. Look, it’s Hamm & Slinky Dog!
Later in the morning, Great Grandma Shirley and Grandpa Charlie came for a birthday visit, since they couldn’t make it to the party last weekend… and they brought cake (#1 on the day, #2 for the week)!
When Daddy woke up after working the night shift, we decided to take him to Beckett Park to show him how brave (and dangerous) Elise and Avery have become… and how much they love playing there!
Finally it was time for the girls’ Birthday Dinner. When we were deciding earlier in the week what to fix (since they don’t quite understand when we ask what they would prefer), we knew we had to have broccoli – and that’s definitely what went over best! True to form, they both devoured their servings and asked for more, before even touching the ABC tater tots, tomato soup and flower-shaped cheese sandwiches that rounded out the meal.
Cake (#3) and ice cream were a big hit, once we finally got to serve them. We had to sing twice and blow out candles twice, but they were getting such a kick out of it (and asking so nicely) that we couldn’t help but oblige! Such silly girls 🙂
Now it’s time for a bath and bed, and the beginning of the third year of our lives together!
Happy Birthday, Avery and Elise!