It’s Avery and Elise’s turn!

First it was Dada, then Nana, then Greyson and more friends – all celebrating birthdays, confusing the daylights out of Elise and Avery.

But finally, those birthdays were “all done”, and it was Avery and Elise’s turn! (And I’m sure that, being older than 2, you are smart enough to figure this out – but just in case: it was hard enough getting past the fact that each new birthday is “for” someone else (over and over again)… so around here, it’s been Avery & Elise’s turn for several days, with no distinction between birthday party day, a different day they received gifts, and their actual birth-day. I’m sure you understand.)
Whether or not they fully grasped what was going on, it was at least clear – long before the party began – that they were thrilled to find what had happened to their house while they were sleeping!

Stay tuned to hear how it all went down!