Party time!

You read a bit about the dilemma(s) surrounding this year’s party plans. I am happy to say that Minnie & Daisy’s tea party went well enough at our house. It was crowded and seemed awfully chaotic to me, but everyone seemed to have a good time – especially Elise and Avery, which is what matters most, right?

As friends started arriving, everyone colored pictures of Minnie, Daisy and friends while waiting for the rest of the guests.
When everyone had come, it was time for “games”! I use this term loosely. The majority of the guests were 2 or younger, so activities were more of the structured free-play variety than actual games, which led to fun for toddlers (and entertainment for adults!) instead of tears. First, we found out that someone had pulled the silly switch at the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Minnie’s & Daisy’s bows had been scattered everywhere! It was up to the kiddos to “hunt” for them.
After the bows were safely returned (or stashed in the kids goody bags, as it turned out), it was time for a ball toss game.

Finally, my favorite of the “games”. It wasn’t a fancy tea party, but we still had a little fun dressing up!
Playing hard works up the appetite, you know, so after putting away the dress-up accessories, it was time for the “tea party picnic”. We had lots of fun finger foods, and – of course – birthday cupcakes!
The girls loved being the center of attention for a few minutes, and Elise even sang happy birthday to herself and Avery 🙂
The final activity of the day was a pinata. If you haven’t seen them lately, there is this fantastic “pull-string” variety that – while not landing anyone on America’s Funniest Home videos – spares party-goers the frustrations (and danger!) of traditional pinatas. As expected, the 2nd or 3rd string opened the trap door (despite being highly against the odds), but nobody seemed to mind that only 1 person other than the birthday girls got to “play”. Once the goodies started falling, any injustice was hardly noticed.
My girls had a fantastic time, and it seemed the other guests enjoyed themselves, too. It was a different looking party than I had planned for months, but whatever. At least I wasn’t bored on Friday, right? 😉
Like last year, there is a separate Picasa album for “Birthday Festivities”. Check there for lots of party pictures, as well as gift opening, birthday dinner, etc.