Pop-up Storms, Earrings and Big Girl Chairs

Just a few quick pictures from the last week or so! First, the storm that decided to show up as we were driving Aunt Cassi to a local leadership camp. At 10am, the forecast said sunny with a 10% chance of scattered showers. Beautiful summer day, right? At 10:30am, this is what happened instead.

Next, we see Elise wearing her (clip on) earrings from one of her (boy)friends. She wears them EVERY day, and I think we’re going to get “real ones from the store” soon! She is just adorable wearing them, prancing around (and shaking her head so she can feel them), oh-so-proud!

And finally, the girls sitting in big girl chairs while eating lunch with Pappy at a local chinese restaurant. Not surprisingly, they didn’t have highchairs. The girls also ate their sweet & sour chicken (and rice) out of a styrofoam cup, but only because the dishes they have are china. No pun intended (or… is that a pun? Does “china” have anything to do with “China”? I feel a wikipedia search coming on…). Anyway, they thought they were something special.
Oh wait – and just for fun, a bonus. Can you see Dumbo flying over Cassi’s game? She pointed him out, and I think he’s just adorable!
Say, is there an award for Most Random Conglomeration of Topics in a Blog Post?