4th of July Weekend

What a fun (and busy) weekend we had! We had (and are still having) so much family time on this three-day weekend, that we hardly know what to do with ourselves. Kyle’s new schedule is already making up a bit for all that lost time… 🙂

On Friday afternoon, the girls and I went to Kings Island for a little while. There, we learned that it is once again Elise’s turn to be “my brave one”, and Avery’s run is very much over. You’ll have to take my word for it for now, though I am pretty sure there are pictures to come!
On Saturday, we had two very fun things on the agenda. First was Curious Henry’s Curious George birthday party. The girls squealed with delight (quite literally) before we were even in the house, having seen George on a few balloons on our way in. They also got yummy food (and cupcakes, of course!), and played with all sorts of fun things including a huge playset, a trampoline big enough for mommy and daddy to “bounce high” with them, bubble wands they could work with ease, a sandbox, and a really cool kiddie pool. What a great party!
Elise even got to enjoy a chocolate covered frozen banana, though she was very confused at first since she just recently learned how to lick an ice cream cone instead of biting. 🙂
After the birthday party, it was time to head west for the Oxford Independence Day Penny Carnival (and Parade). You might recall how fond we were of this event last year, both for the nostalgia of the town and because it’s just PERFECT for the smallest attendees, instead of fighting the masses at the (more “fun”) likes of Blue Ash’s and Mason’s events.
This year, it started out well… and really was fun, overall. Elise and Avery won a few bracelets (you know, because they need more) at the Duck Pond and Spin-the-Wheel games, and loved people-watching. The parade – which is the biggest reason we go (despite the fact that it’s literally firetrucks, dogs, and kids riding bikes) because the girls adore such things – was sort of a bomb. It was great for about 1/3 of it, at which point obnoxious kids with nonexistent parents crowded several feet deep in front of the girls (into the middle of the street). Pushing ensued, we couldn’t see anything worth seeing, and we decided it was time to leave. It was getting late anyway, but there was no shortage of annoyance.
Still, we will focus on the good stuff. Look how adorable the girls are, for one:
And they really did have a nice time.
Yesterday (the actual 4th) was much more laid back, with church in the morning, a decent nap, and a few hours at Nana, Pappy & Aunt Cassi’s house since the girls missed them terribly while they were out of town for a week or two. We had grilled steak, baked potatoes, corn on the cob and s’mores (talk about your American meal, right? :)), and called it a day.
The best part? Well, probably all the quality time spent together. But the second best part? The girls were so freaking exhausted both nights, that they actually slept through the fireworks (that went on forever, into ridiculously late hours – even in a neighborhood filled with children. No, I’m not bitter at the lack of sleep ;)). Here’s hoping the same thing might happen the next several nights, as said fireworks drag on until everyone runs out! (Seriously. Between Riverfest and Disney spectacles my whole life, I’m such a fireworks snob. I just can’t find them worth my while in these homemade, holiday incarnations. ;))
I hope you enjoyed your weekend, too!