"My Brave One"

“Are their personalities different?” I am always asked. My reply is always some variation of, “They really are different at any given time, but they tend to take turns with different personalities”. A perfect example of this? Recent runs of bravery.

Weeks ago, Elise couldn’t get enough of any size or variety of slide, whereas Avery wasn’t as big a fan. Then one day, Elise wouldn’t dare go down even the smallest of slides, or try new things, or climb anything at all high off the ground. And at the same time, Avery started scaling crazy high (and hard) playground apparatuses and showing absolutely no fear. This continued for a while, with Avery running to new experiences (new rides at Kings Island, for example) and Elise being a bit more leery – though ultimately enjoining a few more than previous attempts.
And then Avery’s run ended abruptly.
I put them on my favorite childhood ride at Kings Island. They had wanted desperately to ride it, but I wasn’t sure if they were big enough. They are, so we all excitedly stood in line to wait our turn. They both were THRILLED to finally be on it

until it did it’s signature “whip” around the curves, at which point Avery lost her mind.
Elise loved it, and rides it at least two times a trip now.

A few days later, Avery kind of surprised me and wanted to try the “big cars”. I just knew they would adore this ride once they finally gave it a chance, because it’s like the cars they love but bigger, more “realistic” (hey, they’re 2), have cooler steering wheels, go farther away, and even go up and down a hill – sort of like the roller coaster sitting in my living room, that they can’t get enough of.
Um, I was very wrong. Elise loved it, Avery again lost her mind, this time immediately as the ride took off. She screamed the whole time, tried frantically (and VERY nearly successfully) to climb out of her seat, and couldn’t get off quickly enough. She still tells the story every single day about how “Avery cried on big cars at Kings Island. [Avery] like[s] little cars at Kings Island. Cried on big cars.” Yes, yes I remember. It was the longest few minutes of our week, and that’s saying something.
Avery does like the little cars.
And the (100% stationary) Snoopy Bench.