Walks, Chalk and… waffles.

On Kyle’s first day of work (which, I realize, was two weeks ago), the girls and I had a great day at home with a few surprises for him along the way. First things first, a yummy breakfast to start the day (and the rest of our lives) off right. Mickey Waffles, of course! (And Donald, Goofy, Pluto, Minnie and Daisy Waffles, but that doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as well, so they get the shaft. Sorry guys.)

Anyway, it had been a while since we busted out the 5-in-1 Disney Tasty Baker, so the girls were kind of impressed.

After we gave Kyle a little “office warming” gift (to go along with framed photos of pretty girls he received for his office on Father’s Day), he was off and we were off on a walk around the neighborhood. I pulled the (first empty) wagon along behind us, knowing the girls would get tired and I would not want to carry 50 pounds back with me from whatever point in our neighborhood that happened. Avery took advantage on and off, but Elise literally RAN ahead of us on the sidewalk for probably close to a mile of our 1.75 mile journey. She then agreed to go along for the ride, and we had fun singing songs the whole way back.
When we were back at the house, it was time to work on a message for Daddy. We got out the chalk for the first time in the girls’ young lives (seriously? parenting fail!) and they had a blast coloring a picture to send to Dada.

Apparently all the excitement and fun wore at least one of them out!