Zoo, Cici’s, and Arcade Games. Sounds good.

What, I’m blogging about things that happened THIS month?! Crazy!

Kyle was off on August 2nd (schedule rearranged for the week), so we decided to take the girls to the zoo in the morning. It was the first dry day without a heat index of 100+ in quite a while, so we were concerned about crowds but still willing to make the trip. Thankfully they open at 9 (instead of 10 like most attractions around here), so that gives us an extra hour before naptime and – because people are crazy and think getting somewhere at 9 is “early”- means crowds don’t really roll in until we’re almost finished with our visit. Works for me!
We got up close and personal with some giraffes, saw dozens of other animals in the really good, productive morning, rode the carousel and the train, and called it a (fun!) day. It had been a while since any of us had gone, so everyone had a great morning!
In the evening, Kyle had a work function to go to so Avery, Elise and I met my parents at Cici’s for dinner. Always satisfying, and then Pappy inspired two more family members’ love of arcade games (Disney memories of lost Pappy & Cassi, anyone?).
It was a beautiful – albeit still pretty hot – day all around, and I think these smiles are proof —