Disney Family Day #2

Read up on DFD’s here, because right now (and always) it seems we’re late for a very important date!

Disney Family Day #2 was an “Alice party”, which thrilled the girls to no end. They love Alice, despite having never seen the movie, Alice in Wonderland. (Or, rather, SINCE they’d never seen it? Your call, but I think that might be a good guess.)
Trippy as it is, it’s a classic and one I was determined to stay awake through and love. And I’ll be honest, it’s cute. Way cuter than I’d ever given it credit for, mostly because I couldn’t relate having never taken acid and because the “plot” (is there one?) always put me to sleep. Watching it in several chunks with 2-year-olds proved to be the key, so as not to require too long an attention span. But I’m getting ahead of myself…
First, and not for lack of creativity (though that may be true) but because Avery and Elise can’t get enough, we started once again with coloring pages. I venture to guess this will be a recurring theme, at least at some point during each of our future “parties”. The focus for this particular day, though, was the White Rabbit (who-didn’t-stay-white-for-long-because-that-would-defeat-the-purpose-of-coloring).

There was also to be a fun, toddler-friendly card game, a climb through a rabbit hole/tugley forest course, etc but – because of scheduling issues and lack of motivation – these didn’t happen. The girls didn’t know any better, and won’t until they’re old enough to read this. If I ever get it printed.

Dinner was a “tea party” of sorts, minus the tea, the teacups, the tea pots… um, where was I? Oh, yes. Dinner was even less themed than the previous, so perhaps I should have spread them out rather than scheduling them on back-to-back weeks? I swear some of these things will be more worth your time! šŸ˜‰

The movie, which we watched in part on Friday evening and finished up over the course of Saturday and Sunday, entertained all of us even more than expected. Over all, I count the day a success. I think Elise and Avery would agree, if only because of the Unbirthday Cake.