On clothing sizes…

Today, August 19th (at 26 months and 3 days), Avery and Elise are finally wearing (as opposed to me chasing after them holding on) their 18-month Osh Kosh jeans! For months (purchased in the spring, when the girls were 20 months old or so), we’ve had the adjustable waist adjusted as far as possible, and – perhaps in large part because 18-month-olds are “supposed” to have diapers and therefore parts of the pants are larger – they could NOT keep them up on their scrawny little bottoms.

The reason this was of note to me this morning, is because I’m a tad annoyed. Last fall, we were preparing for a trip to Walt Disney World. Because, you know, sometimes we do that. I went to put outfits together and purchase what else we might need, and as you well know, there are NO shorts in the stores after about the 4th of July… because then it’s time to put out Halloween costumes before it’s too late!
Not a problem this year. I’m so organized and on top of things (ha!) that I stocked up on 2T shorts, capris, etc. By getting 2T, I figured we’d be set for the fall and likely through next summer, since many kids stay in the “T” sizes much longer. Of course, this is also where I should mention how often I read that my two-year-old really CAN survive on just 4 bites of food a day (which is apparently the norm), and wonder how 18-month clothes fall off of my children when they eat LITERALLY as much as I do in a given meal. But I digress…
This morning, I put on the absolutely adorable 2T jean skirts that I bought after, quite literally, 6 months of stalking them to go on clearance and then an afternoon tracking down the two I needed. They were purchased almost entirely for our trip, because if it is cool then we can always put on thick leggings and be just as cute, if not cuter. I was pumped when I scored them, and today when I put them on…. not so pumped. I swear, Elise’s first reaction was to quickly grab at the waistline because she could feel the gaping 4 inches or so between her body and the skirt. Not good.
So here we are, just 2.5 months away from our trip, and we might be in the same predicament. Thankfully it will be mid-November, so in theory we’ll all be fine in jeans – of which they have several pair that, I think, should fit by then. If not, then we at least have the dark and light versions of the ones that fit today, and – of course – the Children’s Place ruffle flares that we’ve purchased in every size since 0-3 months and have loved equally as long. But what about outfit variety for pictures?! 😉
And what if our propensity for ridiculously unseasonable weather continues? Because let’s be honest, we’re batting about 0.000 on “normal” weather in our past trips.
And what is this about, anyway? Our girls have solidly established a place in the 25-40%-ile on growth charts. I got the size discrepancy at 4 weeks early and barely hanging on the charts, but that was “fixed” very quickly. So who are these clothes made for, anyway?!
This, my friends, is what I’d rather do on a Thursday morning than clean. Or upload pictures from events that should have been blogged a week ago.
Happy Thursday!

UPDATE: Or not. Apparently the girls have inherited my (lack of) butt. This is just the beginning of clothing struggles the rest of their lives…

(Apparently the entire art class (and after, as I witnessed), Elise just kept saying, “Pants falling down. Help you [me]? Pants falling down!”)